This Blog Site is going to serve as a temporary home for a website on fossil scorpions and scorpion evolution. I have decided to begin this as I have noticed that very little can be found on the net regarding the evolution of scorpions and their kin. Although this site will touch on modern scorpions, the 'Scorpion Files' already provide an excellent resource (
Now, before I get onto the main purpose of this site, I think it would help to have someone try and explain the terms used when describing scorpion morphology. Don't get me wrong, a great many sites give a good overview of this, but none seem to bring the detail upto a level for someone to be able to understand technichal papers! After that I'll discuss how scorpions evolved through geological time and how each group may be related (so called systematics).

It may take me a while to put this together, but please keep checking back!

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